Asheville is quickly becoming a destination for many faces from many places. And while the mountain topography has saved us from over-development, this shortfall of housing also has created a highly competetive market for people to find a place to live.


Finding a home to buy can be much easier than finding a home to rent. The MLS system of properties for sale feeds into thousands of websites and people can find them easily. Most are fully described and have professional photos and video. Properties are listed by licensed real estate companies in a heavily regulated industry and transactions are completed in an attorneys office and deeds are recorded in the county courthouse. 


Home rentals do not have the same watchful eye. There is no MLS system for rentals. The property management companies in Asheville only have a handful of properties available. The majority of available rentals is through private landlords. Scams are abound on various rental sites. Property descriptions are short or inaccurate. Photos are sometimes dark or blurry.


You are about to spend over $10,000 this year for a place to live (assuming you will pay $750/mo or more & 1 mo. security deposit). If you are renting at $1500/mo you will be spending almost $20,000!


If this process has frustrated you so far or you just prefer to work with professionals, give us a call. We know the Asheville area real estate market and understand what value is. Work with locals who will work on your behalf.


How we can help you

We can take over the search process for you. We maintain a private database that tracks properties from over 50 sources including Asheville area property management companies, rentals only advertised to other Realtors, and listings that some landlords do not want publicized to the general public. And if you are open to apartment complexes, we can include properties on your list from 60 local complexes. 

Throughout the process we will:

  • Provide you with a daily updated, customized list of potential rental properties suited to your property types, location and budget
  • Conduct additional research about important items missing from the ads of properties you are considering
  • Contact the property owner or manager on your behalf - we already know many of these people
  • Schedule showings for you - we do not attend showings as we feel it's the best time for the landlord and tenant to get to know each other
  • Give you our professional opinion of properties you are considering

Other advantages of working with us:

  • We can show you properties that otherwise do not have convenient showing times (as Realtors we have access to keys from other agents and lockboxes)
  • We can conduct live video tours of your favorite properties if you are not in the area (assuming the owner is OK with renting sight unseen)
  • We will offer you new rentals first before we offer them to the general public (assuming the property meets your criteria)

What does it cost?

$500. We collect $250 when you hire us and the $250 balance only if and when you sign a lease for your new home.

If this sounds like something you are interested in please call us and we can discuss your situation. If you are about to spend thousands of dollars on rent this year, this will be the smartest $500 you spend.

"Shout out to Adam Malis! Earlier this month I contacted him to find a very specific house for me and my roommates, not only did he cater to every need we had, which was a at least 3bed 2bath animal friendly house one dog and two cats. But within the four short days we were here he accomplished to get us in exactly the style house we wanted while also putting us in a fabulous area close to downtown with an amazing landlord! FIVE STAR RECOMMENDATION! Again thanks Adam this page and your services were better than I could have ever expected."

T.K. - Melbourne, FL

"Mr. Malis, great guy to work with when searching for your new place. Contacted him last monday and signed my new lease today. He puts in time and effort to help you find your next place, and is invested in helping you to the best of his ability. Anyone looking to find a new place Mr. Malis is the man to talk to. Thanks again Adam."

C.B. - Asheville, NC

"SO WORTH IT! My fiance and I are moving from Texas, and we have a German Shepherd and two cats, so finding a place was tough. Adam Malis found us tons of places to look at and we ended up renting an amazing house in Waynesville that we're moving into in a few more days! You rock Adam!"

N.O. - Austin, TX

"Wanted to tell y'all that if you're frustrated and feel like you're never going to find the place for you, you need to hire Adam Malis!!! I've been looking for 6 weeks and have gotten more denials than I can count ... I called him last week and yesterday we signed a lease with an awesome management company he directed us to! So if you're seriously ready to find you're new home, contact him! I'll definitely use him again and tell anyone I know who's looking for a place about him"

M.M. - Marion, NC

"I know that finding a home in Asheville can be an extremely daunting task, my fiancé and I looked for 3 weeks and just weren't having any luck. Thankfully we found Adam Malis and within a week we found the perfect place!! We sign our lease and start moving in Monday! Please consider letting Adam help you find a place, he knows the Asheville rental market very well and can help answer any questions or concerns you may have!"

L.H. - Raleigh, NC

"Just want to give a shout out to Adam Malis!! I had the worst luck finding a place that would accept both our cat, and great dane. Adam immediately provided many options that were in our price range, with no pet restrictions. He completely took the stress out of our upcoming move to Asheville from Baltimore. Thank you adam!! Now these two boys have a great home in Asheville with us!"

B.S. - Baltimore, MD

"I recently hired Adam Malis to help me find a suitable apartment in the Asheville area and I couldn't be happier with the result! My long-awaited job relocation was finally confirmed April 1, giving me less than 3 weeks to completely shift my life to a new city. Thankfully, Adam is a fantastic listener who took all of my needs into consideration before suggesting some possible new homes. As a young professional with a limited housing budget, I was concerned that a comfortable home for me and my dogs would be quite expensive in such a desirable area as Asheville. Enter Adam Malis, who found me a lovely apartment well within my budget, which is no small feat considering my specific needs. Thanks to Adam, I am now able to focus on all of the details involved with moving with confidence and excitement knowing that my destination is just right! Thanks again Adam!!!"

A.R. - Asheville, NC

"Many thanks to Adam Malis! We needed to find at least a 3br 1.5ba, dog friendly, central AC home with a fenced yard in 4 days. We ended up with a 4/2 with everything else, and my two wishes, hardwoods in the living areas and a fireplace!! And he patiently put up with my overwhelmed states of panic like a true pro!! Many thanks and a big recommendation for his service!"

M.C. - Atlanta, GA

"Hey y'all, I think we all can agree the rental market here is brutal, at best. The bf and I searched for 3 months with no luck. I finally convinced him we needed to hire Adam and Natalie Malis (the organizers of this group) to find us a place. We had some sticky requirements: needed to be a house, in Avl, that allows large dogs with a garage, AC, large bathroom and under 1400/mo with a reasonable deposit. They found us the perfect place in 1.5 weeks!!! We are signing the lease tomorrow! The bf and I both work 50+hrs/week, we didn't have time or energy to look for rentals, the Malis' are amazing and did everything for us. I am so thankful. Message Adam, you won't regret it!!!"

​L.R. - Asheville, NC

"I had tried to contact other realtors and they were not responsive. Adam helped me beyond any of my expectations. I had originally selected a house that was less than I had hoped due to the limited selection and he contacted me on a Saturday night before I had signed the lease to help me get one that was so much more appropriate. If I choose to buy a home here in Asheville, I would only use Adam as I know he would have my best interests in mind. You can totally trust him to do what is best for you."

​L.E. - Houston, TX

"I had an extremely tight deadline to find a home to rent, and three potential stumbling blocks (a dog, a short-term lease, and the fact I was only going to be in town for a few days) and Adam helped make that happen for us. He was easy to reach and communicate with and we were happy we used him to find us a place to live in such a short period of time."

G.G. - Hoboken, NJ

"Adam and Natalie made my rental experience so much less stressful than it would have been if I struck out on my own. They are professional and ALWAYS available. They listen to your needs and work diligently on meeting them. They are honest, up front, and very flexible with you and your schedule. Not to mention they are incredible friendly and are sincerely invested in you finding your perfect home. I would recommend using them to anyone who is looking for for their new home in the Asheville and surrounding areas."

​S.D. - Marion, NC

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